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new years in bucharest 2018

Reasons to spend the New Year’s in Bucharest

Choose Bucharest for your New Year’s Eve and we will help you experience the Romanian way to party, influenced by a surprising mix between Latin and Balkan cultures.

We, Romanians, are known for how we party, for our hospitality, for our wines and for our beautiful women.

Therefore, here are summed up the main reasons for anybody to choose Bucharest for a New Year’s party trip.

1. Cheap Alcohol

Beer price ranges from 2 to 4 euros in bars or clubs.

Besides the international brands in beer, whisky or wine, you always can try our local drinks. Be aware, our traditional sprits (Palinca or Tuica) are extremely strong and can go up to 70-80 alcohol degrees.

2. Cheap local transportation

The local public transport (bus, tram or metro) functions normally during the winter holiday season, including during the national holidays, when the week end schedule is applicable.

Just to give you an idea, the price for 2 metro rides is about 1 euro.

Besides public transportation, you can always use a cab, Uber or Taxify to move from a place to another. We recommend to use one of the local Apps for taxi requests, in order to avoid any issues with your exact location or total fare of the ride.

Bus transportation in Bucharest

3. Party non-stop

In Bucharest, parties are organized all year round.

Around New Year’s in Bucharest are organized several events: parties in clubs/bars, carnivals, street concerts, private parties, pool parties and many others. So, you can party for several days in a row, not only on New Year’s Eve

You will be able to find things to do till very late in the morning including after-parties.

It is common to find in Bucharest clubs that close at 7, 8, 9 or even 10 in the morning. A great example of such a club in the city center is Control Club.

If you need, we can help you with a bar/nightclub crawl in Bucharest to show you some of our best places to party.

4. Several choices available for how to spend the night

Most of the clubs/bars from Bucharest organize special New Year’s parties with special packages for guests with food and drinks.

If you would like to attend this kind of party you need to book and pay upfront the package.

Another way is to get part of a Romanian group of friends and party in somebody’s home. Sometimes, this party can take more than one day.

After getting some sleep during 1st of January, the party continues for the second night.

This way you will have a better feeling about how we party around here. We strongly recommend you to try this kind of party.

5. Only for 1-day stores are officially closed

During this time of the year you will find most of stores/restaurants closed just for one day on 1st of January.

Even so, on the 1st of January, there are some restaurants opened, for example the hotels’ restaurants.

Starting with 2nd, all restaurants, bars and clubs are again open to continue the party or to do it again.

stores closed in Bucharest

6. Very good remedy for hangover

Over the time, we, Romanians, have developed a great cure for hangovers. Our main solution is to eat one of our sour soups, called “Ciorba” after you wake up from a heavy night of partying.

“Ciorba” is the perfect treatment for a stomach in pain after consuming alcohol. Try to eat it as hot as possible and with a lot of bread. to suck the alcohol from your stomach.

After, depending on your taste you should get something light and fresh, maybe a meatless, like a salad, starters or desserts and you will start feeling better immediately

When finish eating, go to sleep for few hours and when you wake up drink a coffee and a fresh juice. You will feel “brand new” and ready to party again.

Soups for hangovers in Bucharest

7. Cheap total costs for spending that time period in Bucharest

Having cheap alcohol first of all, but as well cheap local transportation and cheap accommodation, the total costs of 3-5 days trip to Bucharest even around New Year’s Eve will not get to pricy.

Depending on the way you want to spend your time and your lifestyle for 3 days in Bucharest you can spend from 300 Euros to 600 Euros (accommodation included), which will allow you access to pretty much everything you would like to try.

8. One of the safest capitals from EU

Is already a known fact that Bucharest is one of the safest capitals from all EU countries. We are proud of having among the lowest rates in reported crimes within the European cities.

As well, anybody can tell you that we did not have any violent conflicts culturally related. You can really walk on the streets of Bucharest at any hour without having reasons to worry.

9. Experienced travel agencies and party organizers

If you travel from outside Romania to Bucharest, you can always choose to use the services of a travel agencies and party organizers to prepare your trip.

These two types of companies have experience and the local knowledge to prepare you the trip exactly as you want.

Maintaining again the proportion of prices, contracting such companies will not cost you extra.

By contacting this kind of agency, it will save you time and money, plus usually they do not charge you an extra fee, as they run direct contracts with the service providers.


If you really want an unforgettable experience in Bucharest call for support from professionals. Us, at Bucharest Bachelor, we know how and what to prepare you for partying in Bucharest. Contact us and you will not regret!

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