echipa Bucharest Bachelor


We present ourselves as a small group of friends BORN AND RAISED in Bucharest, we love the city and know THE BEST PLACES and ACTIVITIES our city has to offer and passionate to share it with YOU. We understand that life is all about happiness, joy and human connection, that life is all about MOMENTS.


LOCAL professional STAG weekends organizers in BUCHAREST; we know all about our city and we DO it with passion and style so you can sit back and enjoy, avoiding city traps and headaches. The best from THE BEST.


Avoid city traps and headaches, just relax and enjoy the unique vibe and atmosphere that ‘’Little Paris” has to offer, definitely you will receive more for your money in Romanian capital, the price of a beer is less than 2 EURO, the Romanian the food is excellent and the girls are simply gorgeous (don’t take our word for it, google it 😉 ). Bucharest is Easter Europe capital of fun, the clubs are open until 6-7AM and you can choose between Old Town clubs which are unpretentious and simply cozy and North Side Lake clubs where you will find a more glamourous and upmarket nightlife scene, playground of the rich and famous. You won’t get bored also during the day, because you can choose from a wide range fun activities, adrenalin pumping, outdoor or indoor activities like shooting with real guns, jump with a parachute, driving racing cars or play some sports, then taste the Romanian food and a glass of legendary wine, the choice is yours, we will help you make is unforgettable.

FACT: Bucharest is one of the sunniest cities in Europe, been outranked only by cities like Monaco and Nice. So don’t forget to bring your sunglasses, we will take care of the rest 😉 .