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Bucharest is on of the best party destination in EUROPE, you can’t go wrong with “Little Paris“; the nightlife scene is absolutely insane, the food is great and the locals are friendly. To top up, you have more than 100 fun group activities & EXCLUSIVE activities (available ONLY on this website). Your friends will love you for this!



Customize Activities

Plenty activities  to choose  from and we are also open to new challenges (new ideas).

Pay a small deposit

50€ deposit and separate payments for every group member.

Come to Bucharest and enjoy

Because in the end is all about GOOD MEMORIES.


Safe City

Bucharest is one of the safest capital cities in Europe and considered to be as a welcoming travel destination, people are friendly and English is the second language spoken.

Low Prices

Compared to other European Countries, in Romania prices are really low. Here you will receive not only more for the same money, but also quality services at a low price – for example the price of a local beer is less than 2 EURO, and the price of a cocktail in the club is usually 5 EUR. 

Great Nightlife

Between the two wars Bucharest was named “Little Paris” not only for the architecture but also for the incredible party lifestyle of that period. Nowadays things have changed only to the extent that the party lasts until sunset and the offer is various. Bucharest has an incredible nightlife scene with more than 300 clubs and bars to choose from. Some of the clubs are present in international top clubs and every month top DJ come to play in Bucharest clubs and Festivals.

You can choose between Old Town clubs which are unpretentious and simply cozy and North Side Lake clubs where you will find a more glamorous and upmarket nightlife scene, playground of the rich and famous. 


Lots of Activities

Take our word that you will not get bored in Bucharest. Besides the nightlife there are plenty of things to do and activities to try during the day and night. You can choose from wide range fun activities, adrenalin pumping, outdoor or indoor activities like shooting with real guns, jump with a parachute, driving racing cars or play some sports, it is impossible to get bored in Bucharest.

Excellent Weather

Situated in the south east of Europe, the climate in Bucharest is continental with a little bit of Mediterranean influence which translates into fewer rainy days and more sunlight during the day (an average of 2h 05′ than in London).

Friendly Locals

Romanians are well known for their hospitality – when you visit a Romanian family you will be treated with the best food and drinks and they will go over the board to make you feel welcomed just like home. Try the Romanian hospitality in one of the many local Traditional Romanian Restaurants. 

Great Food and Drinks

Romanian food is a unexpected mix of oriental and occidental flavors while the local drinks (wine and brandy) are really strong. In Bucharest you can not only try traditional food but there are some great international restaurants fit for all tastes. 

Cultural Background

To understand modern Romanians you have to know a little bit about our background. Our history starts before Roman Empire, going then under Roman, Turkish, Austro-Hungarian and Russian occupation which left a distinct footprint in Romanian culture. Before 1990 for about 50 years we were under communism regime and starting with 30 years ago went to a democratic republic.  Bucharest is abundant in tours for cultural hungry tourists.


9 Years Experience

The COMPANY was started in 2011, by 2 students, back in the days we use to organize local bachelor parties for Romanian groups and for up broad medicine students in Bucharest. The market was very different from today, it was a lot smaller, we had just a few activities , no website and just 1 limousine available for the groups. In the last 5 years the market started to flourish also the competition and our team got bigger and bigger year by year.

Local Company

We are the among the first and one of the most experienced agency in Bucharest, we are a LOCAL COMPANY and  all the team members are born and raised in Bucharest. We started the company wanting to share our passion for party and good time and everything our city has to offer .You can rest sure you are in good hands.

Exclusive Activities

On the Bucharest Bachelor activities list you will find EXCLUSIVE ACTIVITIES available ONLY on OUR website.

No Hidden Costs

The prices you see on the offer is the price you pay in the end. We understand that every happy client in a brand ambassador for our services and we treat every client like we treat a good friend.

Low Deposit

The deposit is only 50€ per person; the rest of the amount can be payed cash at the arrival or by bank transfer 5 days ahead of the event. We also accept separate payments for each group member.

Save Time, Money & Hassle

Bucharest is a beautiful, friendly and fun city, but it has a lot of city traps. 

No worries we’ve got you cover, we know everything about the city, we are The LOCAL EXPERTS after all. You can relax, sit back and enjoy everything “Little Paris” has to offer.



Privacy is a hot topic these days and we understand these concerns. Our guides will only take pictures and record after they have group leader consent. All the materials will be for group members usage, we will post on our social media pages, only after we have group consent.

Experienced Guides

All our group members are born and raised in Bucharest have academically background and have medical training to offer first aid in case something goes wrong with one group member.

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