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Enjoy a perfect Stag Party in Bucharest

What is a stag party?

Regardless the way you like to call it: bachelor party, stag party, stag do, stag weekend, buck’s night, is the party nobody should forget to easy.

A real stag party should be a perfect mini-vacation full with fun activities and nightlife experiences specially tailored to your crew’s preferences.

From the old British way of partying in a tie to the American way of partying accompanied by strippers or topless women we can organize anything for you in Bucharest

When you celebrate the so called ‘last night of freedom’ no compromise or logistic issues should interfere.

This is why, you need a team of local nightlife connoisseurs that can guide you all around the city. Read out this article, build your own pack of services or let us make you a surprising proposal.

Duration of a stag party

Even the used terms like stag do or stag weekend already suggest that it should be more than one night.

We recommend to take into consideration at least 4 full days in Bucharest.

This way you will have enough time to enjoy fun activities during the day while experience our great nightlife at its fullest.

At a point you will definitely need some long rest in order to be able to enjoy the most exciting activities available in Bucharest.

Check some of our recommendations bellow and you will agree that 4 days are minimum for a 100% fun stag party.

Starting with March and till late of November, the temperature does not go under 12-15 degrees which is more than fine for most the outdoor activities.

The period between the beginning of June and end of August, our summer season, is the most suitable for pool or lake parties, waterpark and spa days.

We are prepared to organize perfectly smooth all our activities regardless your squad’s preferences.

If you are up to something we did not list yet on our website, feel free to challenge us and you will not regret it.

Why Bucharest is a proper destination for a stag party?

This video published on Youtube by ASVideo will get you in the middle of it:

For a closer look please check the 16 best local nightclubs in Bucharest by TripAdvisor

Why Bucharest is a proper destination for a stag party we already discussed in a separate article but here we will just list a part of them:

  • Great nightlife with parties and after-parties lasting all night long
  • Cheap alcohol for both tradition and international brands
  • Cheap local transportation in Bucharest
  • Several accommodation options for any budget

Check our top 8 reasons to organize a bachelor/stag party in Bucharest. We included even useful apps for using local services.

Top 5 day-activities for an unforgettable stag party in Bucharest

There are many things that can be done in Bucharest during the day. But, talking about a crew travelling to Bucharest to have the greatest holiday, for sure it will not be enough time.

Therefore, the activities of your crew must be carefully planned considering: transportation to the location, booking, payments, necessary equipment, legal constraints.

A 4-day trip in Bucharest for THE STAG do should look something like our proposal bellow:

Considering the alcohol consumption, we should start first with driving and activities that involve physical efforts.

1. Kart/Rally Racing

Cars, power, horse power, speed, race, adrenaline all the ingredients of men’s competition.

Race your friends on a professional kart race track and see who is the fastest. If you want you can take it to the next level and race against your crew members in real rally car.

Experience the adrenaline that makes us feel alive and strong while enjoying the time spent with you best friends.


30 minutes ride on the track.
Safety equipment and instructions.
Activity can be scheduled
also by night.
Other activities

Rally Racing

Car and safety equipment rental
10 minutes ride on the track
On spot training
English speaking guide
Transportation: two ways

2. Tandem Parachute Jump

Another activity that certainly needs to be done before starting drinking is to jump with a parachute.

Probably the most intense activity but for sure nobody will forget how is jumping from 3.000 meters with his mates.

Just take a moment and imagine how many jokes will be around only this particularly activity before and after. Many stories and jokes will be told for a long time.

Besides, you can record this activity and keep it as a fantastic memory for the time spent in Bucharest.

By the way, have in mind that people tend to forget those short moments when they freak out or panicked. Record them and make them last forever!

3. Paintball/Professional Shooting

Again, before starting to drink, you and your buddies can try a paintball game in one of the forests nearby Bucharest on a dedicated field.

Shooting game in real life. Who can say NO? Choose one or more scenarios available and safely “hunt down” your friends and show them who is the best.

If paintball is not enough for your adrenaline addiction, you can go next level and try a professional shooting experience.

We carefully choose the most developed and responsible suppliers for this kind of service.

Specialised assistance and suitable protection equipment have been mandatory criterions, thus you can concentrate on enjoying real life shooting.

You should worry only about what to choose. Pistols or rifles? Or, why not, try both of them.

However, this is another activity that worth’s to be recorded on video for anytime afterwards

4. Bubble Football/Five a side football or attend a local football game

Which men do not like football? Travelling to Bucharest for a stag party cannot stay away from football? Do you want an opponent team for your crew for a five-on-five football match? (comment: how else? 10 people in a group will not be very often)

Contact us and consider it done. We will take care of everything and we can help you with printing custom t-shirts for all crew members.

The bubble-football is a more friendly-fun approach towards football game, but still we recommend no alcohol consumption before playing. It is obvious what can happen.

You can play with less players than regular mini-football, 3 vs 3, 4 vs 4 and all of you will laugh like crazy.

5. Eat like a king – delicious traditional Romanian meals or international dishes

Finally, the alcohol drinking can start and you should try our brandy, called Palinca, before the meal.

It will help you with your appetite. From sweet and sour soups to grill or exquisite dishes you will find several option to choose from within our traditional restaurants’ menus.

romanian traditional food

Regarding international cuisine restaurants there are several available for almost any price range.

From the Romanian traditional dishes, we strongly recommend:

  • Ciorba de Burta = Tripe Soup
  • Ciorba de Vacuta = Beef Soup
  • Sarmale cu mamaliga = Cabbage/Vine leaves meat rolls with polenta
  • Ciolan afumat cu varza = (Smoked) Pork hocks with stewed cabbage
  • Bulz Ciobăbesc = Sheperd’s Bulz
  • Tochitura taraneasca cu mamaliga = Traditional “tochitura” (mix of meat and vegetables types) with polenta
  • Papanasi cu dulceata si smantana = Cheese pancakes with gem and sour cream
  • Lapte de pasare = Boules de Neige

6. Beer Bike

The fun we all can get from riding a beer bike is no news for anybody. But how you actually use it can make a huge difference.

For example, you and your mates can use it to discover Bucharest city better, identify places where locals spend time and party like crazy with them.

As well, you can use the beer bike as a way of transportation between certain activities, especially between venues in a bar crawling night.

Even though Bucharest is located in a steady geographical area there some heals where you can try to race each other or play a bit with the adrenaline.

During the summer, the parks are excellent places to ride a beer bike and stop whenever for breaks sitting outside nearby a lake.

In other words, beer bike is a mid of transportation for short distances during summer being able to move easily from one point to another without worrying about alcohol consumption.

Anyway, after 2 or 3 stops, most probably you will need a taxi for transportation.

beer bike around city centre of Bucharest

7. Pool party

To chill or to have more Fun, inside and around the city of Bucharest there are several pool clubs available.

During the summer season regularly are organized parties at these venues as a great solution to cool down from the hot weather while still having fun.

We recommend you to try one of venues located outside the city where the temperature is lower and the atmosphere is more relaxed.

You can drink as much as you like, we will take care of the transportation towards the pool club and backwards.

Pool party bucharest

8. Rooftop party 

In the old city centre or in the north part of the city, there are several locations situated at the top levels from where you can see the whole city.

An excellent choice during the summer season. A place where you and your crew can enjoy a great party outside till late in the morning, having a great view and without disturbing anyone else.

If you choose to attend this kind of place on a regular night or for a special event, the fun is guaranteed.

Build great memories while partying in the clouds.

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