Bucharest Party Guide

bucharest nightclub atmosphere

Top 8 reasons to organize a bachelor party in Bucharest

Great Nightlife in one of the cheapest capitals within European Union

  • Nice bars, pubs and clubs – After parties, till morning

In Bucharest, regardless the style, you can find bars, pubs and clubs from cheapest possible to exclusive places.

Due to the lack of legislation within this sector, you will be able to find various open venues till 9 pm in the morning, regardless the season.

There are party organized all year around, every day of the week including national holidays, Christmas or Eastern are no exception.

Just be aware of the music level while you are in the hotel room or inside your flat (if the case) after 22:00 hours.

Bar Crawling in Bucharest
  • Huge price range – cheap alcohol

The Alcohol is rather cheap, especially for those travelling from western countries.

A regular bear’s price ranges from 0.5 euros in a supermarket 3 euros in a bar. One vodka bottle can be bought with 15 euros in supermarkets or 75 euros in a bar/club.

Most of the times, the entrance is free, unless there is a special event.

Since 2016, in Romania, smoking inside closed public venues is strictly forbidden, unless they have special designated areas isolate from the rest of the space. However, it is absolutely ok to go out in front of any restaurant or bar to have a cigarette.

red wine glass
white wine glass
Palinca traditional Romanian drink
  • Diverse activities available during night

During a night in Bucharest you have several ways of spending your time in a fun way. Partying in bars/club, Bar Crawling, Nightclubs & Strip clubs, Casino, Wine tasting, Dining in restaurant or fast food.

Some cinemas, escape rooms and pools are open till 24:00.

See our full list of services available during the night in Bucharest.

  • Several accommodation solutions

In terms of available accommodation possibilities, you plenty to choose from:

  • Hotels (international chains & locals): from Radisson or Sheraton to small local hotels;
  • Hostels;
  • Book apartments/villas for Short-term periods (Airbnb & Booking are available in Bucharest);

Hotels prices vary a lot depending on your preferences. Starting with 30 euros for a room in a simple local hotel up to 200 euros for a business room at Radisson, Hilton or Sheraton.

Regarding hostels, prices much smaller, ranging from 5 to 25 euros.

When booking an apartment or a villa for short term periods, prices are extremely volatile. The prices are influenced by the type of accommodation (flat or villa), the location (city centre or outside), the number of available sleeping rooms and many others.

In order to have a landmark for this kind of prices, for studio in city centre you should pay 50-60 euros a night to a 4 rooms villa where you be asked for at least 200 euros a night.


Most of the apartments & villas available for short team rental are listed on Airbnb.com or Booking.com. Use Google Maps to check the exact location for your accommodation before making any reservation.

  • Clear legal constraints

Unlike bars/clubs’ schedule, alcohol consuming is very clearly regulated. There is 0% alcohol drinking tolerance for car drivers. No exception. If you choose not to respect this law you risk to be penal investigated

Another very important regulations regarding alcohol is the complete ban of drinking on the street.

During the time spent in the place where you chose to accommodate respect the resting hours: 22:00 to 07:00.

Do not forget to always take with you an official ID with picture when going out. Not being able to provide an ID when asked by a policeman will lead to a trip to the Police Station

If you encounter such a situation, they are obliged by the law to provide an official translator for your native language.

  • Cheap Local transportation

The Bucharest local transportation is the cheapest in European Union countries in comparison with any other capital

Taxi cars in Romania are all the time yellow, similar to New York. The medium price in Bucharest is 2 Ron (less than 0.5 euros per km).

According to the local law, policemen are obliged to show on the front doors the price per kilometer.

Pay attention there are private taxi drivers who charge around 1 or 2 euros per kilometer. Just check the front door and you will be fine.

Unfortunately, the payment cab be done exclusively cash with RON (local money).

An alternative, is the Uber App, available in Bucharest and other cities from Romania. Using Uber, you can pay either with cash either by card.

  • Available (up-to-date) apps for going out and tourist attractions

    • Clever Taxi – Taxi request in Bucharest (has several available taxy companies within the app)
    • Bucharest City – list of local restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs and entertainment possibilities;
    • HipMenu – Food Delivery including a smart way for groups (several payments methods available);
    • IaLoc – Local bookings in restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs;
    • GPSmyCity – local walking tours in Bucharest
    • Bucharest Metro Guide – Metro Guide
    • RATBsms – paying for local public transportation via SMS
    • Transport Urban – local public transportation maps and routes

Being world wide known and appreciated for our technology power, Romania could be in trend with tourist and local apps.

Therefore, you can find several useful apps for the time spent in Bucharest in AppStore and Play Store, alike.

  • No history in conflicts with tourists

We are proud of us being tolerant towards any culture, race, religion, or you name it.

There is no history in culturally related conflicts with any country around the world. Romanians are known and appreciated up to the highest level for the warmth and hospitality in welcoming guests.

  • Conclusion

Having said all these, you have no reason to avoid coming to Bucharest. We can ensure the best time for you while in the city.

You have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us using the preferred contact way: Website Chat, Mail, Facebook or by phone.

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